What She Left Behind

A darkly funny tale of rock and roll obsessions, discovered in the back alleys of Vancouver’s underground music scene by a journalism school dropout looking for love.

Rebecca is establishing her legitimacy as a freelance writer, while adventuring through the city’s underbelly with her best friend Simon. Once she meets Ezra, the unattainable editor of a popular underground music magazine, her escapades reach tragically absurd proportions as she struggles to find her balance between bad life decisions, a dead-end job at a local bookstore, and a rocky relationship with her father’s new family.

When family tensions, epic dating mishaps, and nights of lawless debauchary escalate, Rebecca is forced to learn that in order to climb mountains she’ll first have to crawl out of the gutter.

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About the Author

Emily Kendy has written for music publications in Vancouver, Toronto and California with articles published in the Globe and Mail, the Calgary Herald and Adbusters magazine. She was runner-up in SubTerrain’s Lush Triumphant Short Fiction Contest and participated in the gruelling and bloody Broken Pencil Literary Deathmatch. She lives on Vancouver Island with no cats… yet.

“A book about how to screw your life up!”
A. Renee Hunt, Blogger, Reviewer, Author

“Never before have I hoped so intensely that a
fictional character gets struck by a train at the end.”

Craig Calhoun, Writer, Editor

“A harlequin romance from hell.
Chris Walter, Author